Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Corporate Volunteer Council?

The United Way California Capital Region Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is a local coalition of companies that promote and participate in employee volunteerism.

What is the mission of the CVC?

The CVC strives to enhance the quality of life in the Sacramento region by promoting employee volunteerism that addresses issues of community concern.

Who can join?

Membership is open to for-profit corporations and businesses, government agencies, and coporate foundations that have exisitng workplace volunteer programs or an intrest in starting workplace volunteer programs. Membership to the CVC may be extended to non-profit organizations that provide one or moreo f the following resouces to CVC corporate/business members: information on improving workforce volunteerism, knowledge on volunteerism trends, and information on collaboration building.

When are the meetings?

CVC members host meetings at their business or at nonprofit agencies thorughout the Sacramento Region and provide a "working lunch" to attendees.  Meeting dates in 2019 are June 26, August 8, and October 23.

What's on the agenda? 

Meetings serve as a networking opportunity, providing a way for company representatives to exchange information and obtain assistance regarding employee volunteer programs.  They also provide a forum where member companies can learn about community needs for employee volunteers. Agenda for 2019 meetings include disaster response/volunteerism, member panel discussion, and best practices around holiday volunteerism.

Why join?

Businesses of all sizes gain from being engaged in the community - from increased employee loyalty and retention to positive customer relationship - employee volunteer programs benefit the bottome line. We encourage you to join today and connect with the Sacramento regions' corporate community involvement leaders. Membership will help enhance your company's repurtation as a good corporate citizen and will help you gain personal insight on community issues.

Who should represent my company?

Your representative should posess the authority to engage employees in volunteer activities and receive the support of corporate leadership. CVC members may send a maximum of two representatives to each meeting. In some cases, these individuals are hte same person each month and some attendance is rotated among a group of employees involved int he volunteer program. Representatives attend meetings, encourage employee participation, and promote volunteer opportunities.