AmeriCorps VISTA Position Openings

The following are positions available at United Way California Capital Region.  For more information on our positions, others you may be interested in, or to apply, please visit AmeriCorps Service Listing Page.

UWCCR Health and Nutrition VISTA

The Health and Nutrition VISTA will assist our Healthy Meals Program Officer on the overall strategy and vision for UWCCR's goal to develop healthy eating habits in kids, educate them about the origin of hte foods they consume, and involve key community stakeholders as partners. The VISTA will help build a strong and sustainable program model for 2019 and beyond, as well as link witho ur other HMP and Square One work.

Duties include:

  • collaboration with partner agencies to determine and select new after-school meal host sites based on set criteria
  • conducting monitoring visits to current and new program sites to develop and provide additional capacity-building training as required and expand on exisiting program opportunities and offerings
  • expanding farm-to-school activities at current sites while creating additional opportunitities for new sites, and create survey to solicit feedback from new and current HMP sites.